Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reminding the Globe come election time...

The Globe and Mail writes in an editorial:
Good government is about leadership – focusing the population on the important challenges of the future, not distracting them with sideshows – and management: inspiring an organization to do the best work of which it is capable.
This was in reference to the news that the chief statistician has resigned due to the government's decision to eliminate the mandatory long-form census.

Now, in each of the past two federal elections the Globe has endorsed the Harper Conservatives when it came down to the wire. Yet I cannot think of a single time when they have shown the kind of leadership that this newspaper describes in the quotation above. I would hope that they remember this when writing their electoral endorsement prior to the next vote. The Liberals may be listing without a rudder, but I'd sooner have bland competence over the kind of authoritarian "vision" on display in the Harper government.


Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the Globe and Mail and its schizophrenia.

Endorse the Tories, then spend all their time complaining.

Pick a side -- either you like Harper or you don't!

(Actually, here's my theory: the head of the editorial page -- Marcus Gee, right? -- likes Harper, and the rest of the paper doesn't. That's enough to carry the endorsement.)

Josh said...

Hmm. *Maybe* it's better that media outlets aren't that consistent - not that it makes much sense anyway, especially the way Simpson has been tearing into them.