Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Stuff

I've been quiet of late, primarily because of being away from the internet (or else focussing on physiology). Next week we delve into the workings of the gastrointestinal system. Exciting, eh? Interestingly, Dr Des Leddin, the head of GI at the QEII here in Halifax (and our intial GI lecturer), appears in this CBC story concerning a study concerning the effectiveness of colonoscopies at detecting cancerous growths. That's suitably random, I think.

Otherwise, the next exam approaches, comprising 80 multiple choice questions with 8 for each week of this unit. I think I have just enough time to study, but we shall see. The other big news is that I have two opportunities for an international elective in the summer - (possibly) Thailand or Austria. I'm really not sure which I prefer at this point, though Thailand might be more of once-in-a-lifetime thing. How often do you get a chance to learn about rural community medicine in Southeast Asia? I'm open to any suggestions there!


Ladyjutea said...

I've never had much interest in Southeast Asia, so I would vote for Austria. But that's more because I would love to go to Austria and dream about meeting Captain von Trapp in Salzburg. Or the Schonbrunn palace in Vienna where Marie Antoinette dwelt in her childhood? *high pitched squealing*

Josh said...

Hmmm. Something to consider! Either way, there are lots of interesting places nearby to travel to.