Monday, January 12, 2009

New name!

I think it's about time I rechristened this blog, particularly since I'm no longer living in Waterloo and unlikely to return there that soon (and certainly not to live). It is very wintry in Halifax, though, so I might consider going with "Habitating in Halifax" - nice and alliterative. That's perhaps a bit silly, though, so I might have to think of something else. I might change the template too. We shall see! I'm welcome to any suggestions of course.


Ladyjutea said...

My first instincts said, "Hubba Jubba-ing in Halifax". Oh~ yeah~

Josh said...

haha... I'll consider it.

Ben (The Tiger) said...

Habituated in Halifax.

Haligonian Habitat.

Horizon: Halifax.

Nova Scotian Natterings.

"Why don't you go to ... Halifax."

"How is it in Halifax?"

Hackery from Halifax.

Habitual Hackery in Halifax.

Haligonian Habitual Hackery.

Josh said...

Hmm. I kinda like Haligonian Habitat.

"Horizon: Halifax" makes me think of a travel commercial.