Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Useless Products

Most commercials tend to make little impression on me, but one I saw just now convinced me that a confiscatory useless product tax at point of manufacture is in order:
Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs are an attractive solution for automatic houseplant watering. Fill the hand blown stained glass bulbs as the plant needs it. Aqua Globes™ watering bulbs are a great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants and an excellent choice for automatic watering while on vacation.
Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't found watering plants to be much of a chore lately or ever. For only $14.99, though, I could purchase an Aqua Globe which would save this daily chore. Keeping in mind that you still need to fill the globe with water and stick it into the soil. And that I seldom actually need to water my plants *daily*.

How much time do you think one would save with an Aqua Globe? 30 seconds per plant? I'll grant that they look kinda... interesting - and they could serve as a conversation starter for guests:

Guest no. 1: Ohhh, what's that glass sphere in that pot?
You: It's an Aqua Globe (TM).
Guest no. 1: ...
You: It waters my plant for me.
Guest no. 2: You still have to put water in it, right?
You: Yup.
Guest no. 2: So what's the advantage?
You: Oh, it automatically releases water when the soil's dry, so it waters the plant better.
Guest no. 1: You know, your soil feels kinda dry...
You: Ohh!! My Aqua Globe (TM) is empty!

Anyway. This is a good example of a product designed to create a demand that, really, does not exist.


Ladyjutea said...

Yeah, did you ever see the infomercial for the Tiddy Bear? Yes, the Tiddy Bear. Do a search for it on Youtube.

Josh said...

What are you doing to me... :P

Kevin Lau said...
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Kevin Lau said...

Watch...in five years there'll be an aqua globe in every household!

Marie said...

If I didn't take the time to water the garden, how else could I get a little peace and quiet? They're totally missing the point.