Monday, February 23, 2009

Google Lies

Well, probably not intentionally. But don't trust Google Maps implicitly, for you might end up with something like this:

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Note the portion of Dalhousie University located at right, and you'll notice something called the Halifax Infirmary. Sounds like a hospital, right? Well, it was, until it was replaced and later demolished... in 2005. In fact, the original building has been vacant since 1998, as the "New" Halifax Infirmary opened in 1996. What's notable about this? Well, Google didn't exist until Sept. 1998, and Google Maps didn't appear until Feb. 2005, admittedly a few months before the old Infirmary was torn down. Though it had been vacant for some seven years before that.

The question remains - why is the HI still appearing on Google Maps in a location which for three-and-half years has existed as a vacant patch of gravel next to a pay parking lot?

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